Pannon Fogat
A tartalom címe

Our company is specialized in manufacturing, repairing and restoring horse-drawn vehicles, mainly decorated coaches and horse-carriages.

New Carriages:

  1. For the carriage driving sport we make different coaches for singles, pairs and foursomes complying with international standards and meeting the customer's bespoke requests.
  2. We also work for companies engaged in the tourism and catering industry. We produce party carriages for 4, 6 and 12 people and "puszta" coaches. We also make occasionally carriages for weddings, school-leaving ceremonies and trips.
  3. We also prepare buggies and briggies for hunting and agricultural companies.
  4. We also build horse-driven hackney-carriages, e.g. cabs and hansom-cabs.
  5. We undertake the construction of any kind of old coaches if proper documents are available (drawings, photos or descriptions) whether it is of Hungarian or foreign make.
  6. We build special vehicles to train and coach horses.

We aim to meet any demand and therefore we offer a full range of coaches including those made of inexpensive but long-lasting materials and those made of expensive ash-tree wood with delicate carvings. We are committed to keeping and observing all the written and unwritten traditions of coach manufacturing and always provide the best quality. Drawing of our vehicles applied with bearings and rubber-tyred is an easy task for the horses. Disk-brakes are fitted to assist efficient stopping in urban traffic.

Old Carriages:

  1. Old and unusable coaches are restored to their original state by our company. Our customers include museums, family estates and individuals
  2. We recondition old carriages so that they become modern vehicles. We also apply brakes to make the vehicles safe.
  3. We undertake the repair and regular maintenance of recently-built coaches.
  4. We also carry out the restoration of coaches from museums.
  5. We also build carriage-bodies on an existing undercarriage.

We buy and trade in old coaches. The pictures on the next pages are examples from our product range. The choice is much wider.