Fence, bar and gate production

Our timber architectural products enterprise produces gates, fences and bars hand-carved with primarily Hungarian and Transylvanian ornamental motifs. Our products preserve the inventory of motifs and iconography formed during the past hundreds of years; these motifs preserved their unique meaning and message.
Our goal is to conserve an artistic inventory of motifs from oblivion by integrating them for every-day use, into our present-day environment. Symbols and motifs used by peasants, petit- nobles and noble families are reflected in our sets of architectural elements, incorporating their individual beauty and natural imperfections. In the evenings, it is a unique feeling to return to a friendly environment that is not only our home, but also a small piece of our homeland. Every morning, these motifs fill us with energy and dynamism as we prepare to go to work or school. They keep distance from politics, but they still make us feel that our day is not only for ourselves but for a surrounding, beloved community.
The next pages provide samples of the inventory; the full inventory of motifs is so extensive that it would be impossible to show all of them in a couple of pages. It is a starting point for your fantasy.
So, before you choose, let’s discuss your plans in person. We show additional designs at the personal discussion, which provide you opportunity to choose from elements not shown in the catalog, and which also helps in forming a unified set from a variety of motifs. By forming a personal style within this inventory of motifs, no identical gates and fences will be ever made. Throughout the country we will contact you at a preliminarily scheduled time.
How can you order the elements?
We offer several possibilities.
After personal discussion, you order products that you specifically need, from our scale of product offer (fence, gate, bars, etc.)
During the discussion, we also agree about what state of finish you would like to receive your product. In case of products made of lintels, this question is essential. You can order the elements in form of lintels decorated with wood carvings. You can order the full fence material, or bars, in from of divided fields, in unit packages. You can order this in form of aligned panels; the latter two solutions are important if the top of a wood field or gate is arched, wavy, or decorated with "Hungarian moustache" motif. And finally, you can order specific parts to be installed at your residence. We carry out the installation in natural, raw wood, grounded, drenched, polished or painted wood form, as desired.
The above offer is for fence, bars and gates made of lintels. Lintels can also be used separately, with greater unit distances from one another; however, they form continuous motifs only if they are closely placed. We provide illustrations for the motifs
In case you would like to install the elements yourself, we can still offer work-process consultation and necessary work tools, as needed.
The so-called panel elements, decorated with wood carvings, can be also ordered both in the form of elements or in unit panels.
The panel-type carved gates should be ordered in ready-made form. They are installed as requested
Ready-made product orders will be transported to your address. Above a specified product price, transportation is free of charge. The product price specification changes according to the expense of transportation. We discuss the transportation discount in all cases.
Our products are unique, customized to our clients’ needs and desires. Never for mass production and commercial sales.